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Eldar Aksenov

IMG 5202 Mp4

  • #AS5202T Get a Quote! Get a Quote Two 2.5 GbE ports with up to 5 Gbps under Link Aggregation

  • Up to 36TB. Store live streams on your NAS

  • Overwhelming 4K experience

  • 2GB DDR4-2400 - 30% faster than DDR3

  • Intel Celeron dual core CPU - 30% faster than previous generation.

  • Three year warranty, best in class

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IMG 5202 mp4

The AS5202T utilizes the Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4005 dual core CPU and is 30% faster than Apollo lake. The Celeron J4005 also doubles the on-chip cache to 4MB, making the AS5202T one of our fastest NAS devices ever.

The AS5202T supports up to 36 TB, enabling storage of large live streams and videos. Complement gameplay recordings with a NAS. Not enough? Expand your AS5202T with up to three AS6004U expansion units for a total of 252 TB.

The AS5202T features HDMI 2.0a with 10bit 4K hardware decoding, HEVC decoding and VP9 10bit Profile2 decoding for a smoother experience and lower CPU usage. Use Plex Pass or a third-party player to play 4K HDR videos.

ASUSTOR NAS products are designed and developed around ecologically friendly concepts. When in use, our devices consume far less power than the average computer or server. Furthermore, our advanced power control features allow you to more efficiently manage your NAS device and hard drives. This lowers your electric bill and prolongs the lifespan of your hard drives all at the same time. While in disk hibernation, the AS5202T consumes only 10.5 W of power. Under normal operating conditions it still only consumes 17 W of power.

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