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Makar Vorobyov
Makar Vorobyov

Titan: Interior, Surface, Atmosphere, And Space Environment (Cambridge Planetary Science) !LINK!

Research Interest:My science interest is in the fields of space physics, planetary science, aeronomy, and astrobiology. My research focuses on understanding the interaction between Titan's upper atmosphere and Saturn's magnetosphere by developing numerical models to interpret data from the Cassini Spacecraft, which orbited the Saturn system from 2004-2017.

Titan: Interior, Surface, Atmosphere, and Space Environment (Cambridge Planetary Science)

Discovered in 1655 by the Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens, Titan was the first known moon of Saturn, and the sixth known planetary satellite (after Earth's moon and the four Galilean moons of Jupiter). Titan orbits Saturn at 20 Saturn radii. From Titan's surface, Saturn subtends an arc of 5.09 degrees, and if it were visible through the moon's thick atmosphere, it would appear 11.4 times larger in the sky, in diameter, than the Moon from Earth, which subtends 0.48 of arc.


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