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Do Ya Think Im Sexy

"Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" Rod Stewart Warner 8724ll through the seventies, Rod Stewart stuck to a simple philosophy: Give the people exactly what they want. And what they wanted from him was spectacle, showmanship, and his own brand of sensuality.Rod developed into one of the most moving singers of the decade. His voice was little more than a hoarse rasp, yet was capable of both hard rock and deep emotion. He was streetwise tough with a soft heart -- and millions thought he was very sexy indeed.In 1976, his "Tonight's the Night" became the largest-selling single in Warner Brothers history. It came from the album A Night On The Town, the first album released on his own label, Riva (distributed by Warner Brothers). Off that same album came two other Top 30 hits in 1977, "The First Cut Is the Deepest" and "The Killing of Georgie." With a new backup band, Stewart then cut Footloose and Fancy Free. It featured "You're in My Heart" -- "a very confused song," according to Rod, "about women, Scotland, and two soccer teams." Also on that album was another pair of Top 30 hits, released as singles in 1978: "Hot Legs" and "I Was Only Joking." The latter tune was written to explain his unfaithful lifestyle to Britt Ekland, his former girlfriend.THE TOP FIVEWeek of February 10, 19791. Do Ya Think I'm SexyRod Stewart2. Y.M.C.A.Village People3. Le FreakChic4. A Little More LoveOlivia Newton-John5. FirePointer Sisters In 1978, Rod bolstered the band by adding Nicky Hopkins on piano and Carmine Appice on drums. Together, they recorded his most spirited album of the seventies -- Blondes Have More Fun. "It's Stewart in a playful mood," wrote one critic. "The music is rowdy and irreverent." Another called it "smutty self-indulgence." Regardless, it sold nearly four million copies in six months. Additionally, the album was released in a limited edition of 100,000 picture discs, featuring disc imprints of front- and back-cover album graphics, as well as a cardboard pull-out of Stewart's face, also taken from album artwork.

Do Ya Think Im Sexy


"I found the frank discussion of the commonalities of transference and countertransference was the most important piece of this workshop. I appreciated the honesty that the presenter conveyed when she discussed the often-taboo topic of transference and countertransference, especially with regard to sexual attraction. I think that opening up more frank discussions of these phenomena will encourage therapists to keep it in the back of their minds at all times and emphasize strong and clear boundaries with clients so this becomes a thing of the past." - Kristen Martinez, MEd, EdS, LMHCA, NCC

Dale: "This is all right, this one! Our last one used to stop working if you ran it for more than three hours. We got this one out of Loot for 60 quid. Everyone says to us 'get a Mac, get a Mac', but we just think..." 041b061a72


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