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Makar Vorobyov

Supporter Pack - V16 Engines Full Crack [Password]: What You Need to Know

hashcat -t file -p -b -i -o Supporter Pack - V16 Engines full crack [Password] We can then enter the following command to generate a list of hashes for the password we wish to crack. (If you have created the hashcat configuration file, the password to crack is already set in the file)

Supporter Pack - V16 Engines full crack [Password]


hashcat -m file -p -r -o Supporter Pack - V16 Engines full crack [Password] Which will yield the following output (which can now be entered as a dictionary to crack, see below)

Once cracked, we can compare the new password to the one we have on file and we will notice that the two are the same. For a less noisy comparison, we can re-enter the sample data and the cracked passwords and mark the two as exact matches (credentials are considered exact matches if the result is 100% identical).

During the research stage, I was able to crack 60% of the passwords in the sample. However, I did not test all of the available cracked passwords and it is possible that other passwords can be cracked by the same method. If this is something you are interested in, don't hesitate to follow me on twitter and I will keep you updated on the research status.

As it seems that most of the passwords I tried worked, I decided to continue the process by trying more passwords. I have created a list of all the known passwords and the result of cracking them, so I will try to find new ones while using the list.


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