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Download Bed Wars: The Most Popular Minigame in Garena Blockman GO

How to Download Bedwars in Minecraft

Do you love playing Minecraft, but want to spice up your game with some exciting multiplayer action? If so, you might want to try bedwars, a popular minigame where you have to protect your bed and destroy your opponents' beds. It's a war in the sky, where you have to battle your friends or strangers on different maps and use various items and upgrades to gain an advantage. In this article, we will show you how to download bedwars in Minecraft, as well as how to play and improve your skills.

Joining a Bedwars Server

In order to play bedwars, you will need to join a server that hosts the game. There are many servers that offer bedwars, but some of the most common ones are Hypixel, The Hive, and Nether Games. Depending on which edition of Minecraft you have, you will need to follow different steps to join these servers.

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Hypixel is the most popular bedwars server for Minecraft Java Edition. It has many modes and maps to choose from, as well as a large and active community. To join Hypixel, you will need to do the following:

  • Load up Minecraft and click on "Multiplayer".

  • Click on "Direct Connect" and type in "".

  • Right-click with the compass once you join the server. This will open the game navigator, then click on the bed to go to the Bed Wars lobby.

  • Find one of the NPCs that will allow you to join a game. You can join Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3, or 4v4v4v4, based on how many teammates or opponents you want. Other versions such as Dream Modes or 4v4s also exist.

  • Wait in a lobby while the other players join. You can chat with other players by pressing T.

The Hive

The Hive is a provided server that has bedwars game in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It has a similar gameplay and interface as Hypixel, but with fewer modes and maps. To join The Hive, you will need to do the following:

  • Load up Minecraft and click on "Servers".

  • Scroll down until you find The Hive and click on it.

  • Click on "Play" and then select "BedWars".

  • Choose one of the modes available: Solo, Duos, Squads, or Mega.

  • Wait in a lobby while the other players join. You can chat with other players by pressing T.

Nether Games

Nether Games is a better server for bedwars in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It has more modes and maps than The Hive, as well as a ranking system and a shop. To join Nether Games, you will need to do the following:

  • Load up Minecraft and click on "Servers".

  • Click on "Add Server" and type in "" for the server address and "19132" for the port.

  • Click on "Save" and then select Nether Games from the server list.

  • Click on "Play" and then select "Bedwars".

  • Choose one of the modes available: Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3, or 4v4v4v4.

  • Wait in a lobby while the other players join. You can chat with other players by pressing T.

Playing Bedwars

Now that you have joined a bedwars server, you are ready to play the game. The basic rules and objectives of bedwars are simple, but there are some nuances and strategies that you need to know. Here are the main aspects of playing bedwars:

Collecting Resources

The first thing you need to do in bedwars is to collect resources. Resources are items that you can use to buy other items and upgrades from the shop. There are four types of resources: iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. Iron and gold spawn at your base, while diamonds and emeralds spawn at the islands in the middle of the map. The higher the tier of the resource, the more valuable it is. You can use resources to buy blocks, weapons, tools, armor, potions, utility items, and team upgrades.

Protecting Your Bed

The second thing you need to do in bedwars is to protect your bed. Your bed is your lifeline in the game. If your bed is destroyed, you will not be able to respawn if you die. Therefore, you need to place blocks around your bed to prevent it from being exposed to enemy attacks. You can use different types of blocks, such as wool, wood, end stone, glass, or obsidian, depending on their durability and blast resistance. You can also buy traps and upgrades that will alert you or hinder your enemies if they try to break your bed.

Destroying Other Beds

The third thing you need to do in bedwars is to destroy other beds. Destroying other beds is the main way to eliminate other teams from the game. If you destroy a team's bed, they will not be able to respawn if they die. To destroy a bed, you need to break through the blocks that surround it with your tools or explosives. You also need to avoid or fight off the defenders that will try to stop you. You can use different strategies to attack other beds, such as rushing, sneaking, bridging, or TNT jumping.

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Eliminating Other Players

The fourth thing you need to do in bedwars is to eliminate other players. Eliminating other players is another way to reduce the competition and increase your chances of winning. If you eliminate a player, they will drop their resources and items that you can pick up. To eliminate a player, you need to deal enough damage to them with your weapons or knock them off the map with your tools or projectiles. You also need to avoid or counter their attacks with your armor or potions. You can use different techniques to fight other players, such as strafing, blocking, comboing, or bow spamming.

Winning the Game

The fifth and final thing you need to do in bedwars is to win the game. Winning the game is the ultimate goal of bedwars. To win the game, you need to be the last team standing with at least one player alive and your bed intact. You can win the game by destroying all the other beds and eliminating all the other players, or by surviving until the end of the game when sudden death occurs. Sudden death is when all the remaining beds are automatically destroyed and dragons start spawning that will attack all players.

Improving Your Skills

Now that you know how to play bedwars, you might want to improve your skills and become a better player. Improving your skills in bedwars requires practice and patience, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you along the way. Here are some of them:</ Speed Bridging

Speed bridging is a skill that allows you to bridge faster and more efficiently. Bridging is when you place blocks in front of you to create a path across the map. Speed bridging is when you do this without stopping or slowing down, by timing your clicks and movements perfectly. Speed bridging can help you reach other islands faster, escape from enemies, or surprise attack them. There are different types of speed bridging, such as ninja bridging, god bridging, or breezily bridging, each with their own difficulty and speed.

Learning the Slang Terms

Learning the slang terms is a skill that allows you to understand and communicate with other players. Slang terms are words or phrases that have a specific meaning in bedwars, usually related to the game mechanics or the items. Learning the slang terms can help you know what other players are doing, what they need, or what they want. Some of the common slang terms in bedwars are:

Slang TermMeaning

IncIncoming, meaning an enemy is approaching your base

ObbyObsidian, meaning a block that is very hard to break

FireballA projectile that can explode and knock back players or blocks

Pop-up towerA utility item that can create a tower of wool instantly

Bed goneA message that appears when your bed is destroyed

Final killA kill that eliminates a player permanently

VoidThe empty space below the map that kills anyone who falls into it

ClutchA situation where a player survives or wins against all odds

SweatA player who is very skilled or tryharding

NoobA player who is very unskilled or inexperienced

Developing Strategies

Developing strategies is a skill that allows you to plan and execute effective tactics for


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