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Solar Smash New Update 2022 APK: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Experts

Solar Smash New Update 2022 APK: Everything You Need to Know

Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator game developed by Paradyme Games. It allows the player to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet, such as nuclear missiles, lasers, asteroids, monsters, spaceships and more. The game has realistic graphics and physics, as well as space images from NASA. Solar Smash is a fun and addictive game for space lovers who want to unleash their creativity and imagination.

solar smash new update 2022 apk

If you are a fan of Solar Smash, you will be happy to know that there is a new update 2022 apk available for download. This update brings new features and improvements to the game, making it more enjoyable and exciting. Here are some of the highlights of the new update 2022 apk:

New planets and weapons

The new update 2022 apk adds four new planets to the game: Trappist-1D, Trappist-1E, Trappist-1F and Europa. These planets have different characteristics and challenges for the player to explore and destroy. For example, Trappist-1D is a rocky planet with a thin atmosphere, Trappist-1E is a water-rich planet with ice caps, Trappist-1F is a frozen planet with a thick atmosphere, and Europa is a moon of Jupiter with a subsurface ocean.

The new update 2022 apk also adds new weapons to the game, such as a giant 8-ball, a bomb barrage, a stone monster, a lightning arrow and more. These weapons have different effects and animations, adding more variety and fun to the game.

Customization options

The new update 2022 apk allows the player to customize their weapons and planets in various ways. For example, the player can change the color, size, speed and direction of the weapons, as well as the gravity, rotation and atmosphere of the planets. The player can also create their own custom planets by using the shape tool and choosing from different textures and colors.

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Bug fixes and improvements

The new update 2022 apk also fixes some bugs and improves some aspects of the game. For example, the moon no longer explodes on contact with the planet, but instead merges with it. The sound effects are also improved, making them more realistic and satisfying. The game also runs smoother and faster on different devices.

How to download and play Solar Smash on PC or mobile devices?

If you want to download and play Solar Smash on your PC or mobile devices, you can follow these steps:

  • For PC users: You can use an Android emulator software like BlueStacks or LDPlayer to run Solar Smash on your computer or laptop. You can download these software from their official websites for free. Once you have installed them, you can search for Solar Smash in their app store or download the apk file from or . Then you can install and play Solar Smash on your PC with customized controls.

  • For mobile users: You can download Solar Smash from Google Play Store for Android devices or from for iOS devices. You can also download the apk file from or if you prefer. Then you can install and play Solar Smash on your mobile devices with touch controls.