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46 : Attack Of The Prehistoric Pokemon

In the cave, Ash, Pikachu, Team Rocket, and their Pokémon start to argue. Then, they soon notice that they are surrounded by mysterious glowing eyes and fall silent. Ash checks his Pokédex for details, and the Pokémon are revealed to be Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, and Kabutops. Jessie and James begin to speculate that the explosion must have awakened them from thousands of years of sleep. Regardless, Team Rocket begin to contemplate stealing the Pokémon for their boss, and attempt to catch them by throwing Poké Balls at the Fossil Pokémon. A Kabutops blocks the balls, and they are rebounded at Meowth. All of the Fossil Pokémon start approaching the group to attack, so Ash sends out his Charmeleon, but he refuses to help. A chase scene ensues, where the Fossil Pokémon are winning the chase. Then, all of a sudden, the Pokémon run away deeper into the cave. Originally confused, the group soon realizes why, and an Aerodactyl swoops in, knocking over Charmeleon. Angry, Charmeleon tries to attack the Aerodactyl but is knocked out before he gets a chance. Aerodactyl then grabs onto Ash with its claws and begins to fly towards the surface. Before the Flying-type Pokémon can get too far, Pikachu and Charmeleon jump on board.

46 : Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

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They all get attacked by the fossil Pokemon, but they suddenly flee when they hear the call of the fearsome Aerodactyl. Charmeleon gets smacked by Aerodactyl, triggering its rage and desire to battle.

Meanwhile, Ash and Team Rocket try to find a way out. They meet some ancient Pokémon who they thought to be extinct. Jessie and James say that the blast must have woken up Pokémon that have been sleeping for 1,000 years. The ancient Pokémon are angry at Ash and Team Rocket for waking them up, so they attack. Ash sends out Charmeleon, but he refuses to battle such weak opponents. Just then, the fossil Pokémon suddenly run off. They are happy the Pokémon left, but then they realize why they left: an Aerodactyl appears as it scratched Charmeleon down and grabs Ash, and swoops up into the air.

Misty sees Jigglypuff and asks it to sing so Aerodactyl will fall asleep and drop Ash. Jigglypuff happily starts singing. Aerodactyl falls asleep and drops Ash. Ash is caught by Charizard who managed to stay awake before falling into sleep. As everyone is asleep from Jigglypuff's Sing, Jigglypuff was visibly infuriated and drew on everyone's faces with a black marker. Officer Jenny tells everyone that it was just a dream caused by Jigglypuff's song and sends the people on their way because the canyon becomes a danger zone due to the prehistoric Pokémon living in the underground, and that any further digging may lead to more cave-ins. Ash gets an egg from the site after he was grab hold of it while under Jigglypuff's Sing, which Brock steals from him to take care of it.

Ash sends out his Charmeleon but when Ash asks it to use his flame to stop them, the Pokemon lays down on a rock. The prehistoric Pokemon give chase to the intruders all throughout the cave and continuously attack the group.

Back in the cave, the prehistoric Pokemon incapacitate Arbok and Weezing while Kabutops brush off any attack that Pikachu throws at them. But just as the Kabutops are about to slash down Ash, they stop. What happened?

I also always loved its design. It strongly resembles a trilobite, a prehistoric crustacean, a feature which I loved as a dinosaur fascinated youth. I also enjoyed its stream lined savage design. I picture it darting through lakes and rivers, pouncing up to slash at prey, before dragging them away to drain them.

Despite my fondness for the design and feel for this Pokemon, I could never get past how weak it seemed, when compared to other Flying types. Its stats and move pool is pretty lackluster, but perhaps the biggest disappointments was its signature move Mirror Move. Mirror Move seemed awesome, shown bouncing moved back at opponents, or serving as a strong counter to powerful attacks; however, it almost always ended in the game with Fearow getting owned.

I loved its ice moves, its massive girth stomping to the ground during battles, and the pleasantness of its call. While using it through X and Y I really appreciated its decent move pool, with attacks like Blizzard and Earthquake available; however, even against the computer my Aurorus was continually getting bested.

For moves, Mega Beedrill will need to include either U-turn or X-Scissor. U-turn has the perk of providing a free switch-in, but X-Scissor has slightly more power and a higher crit chance. The other STAB attack will be Poison Jab, which comes with a convenient 30% poison chance. The last attacking move can be an assortment of things. Knock Off and Drill Run are the forerunners in terms of damage and coverage, but Brick Break and Double Edge have a shot. As for the final move, it needs to be Protect. There can be no negotiations for this. Beedrill requires one turn to mega-evolve, and is exceptionally vulnerable during this turn otherwise. Think fairly as well, the opponent will need a turn to prepare for the ensuing chaos.

Prehistoric Pokémon were introduced in the first Generation. Using a process similar to that of the movie film Jurassic Park: scientists of the Cinnabar Island Laboratory were able to extract DNA out of fossils or amber (fossilized resin) and recreate via the process of cloning Omanyte (Helix Fossil), Kabuto (Dome Fossil) and Aerodactyl (Old Amber). Apparently due to their fossilized nature, one of the two types of all prehistoric Pokémon is ROCK.

Froakie took the act personally and began to attack Fletching, but continually missed his hits. Ash tried to order Froakie to stand down, but Froakie disobeyed him and continued to attack Fletching, despite continually missing his hits.

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