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Discover China Student Book 2: The Best Way to Improve Your Chinese Skills - PDF Online

Discover China Student Book 2 PDF: A Review

If you are looking for a comprehensive and engaging textbook to learn Mandarin Chinese, you might want to check out Discover China Student Book 2 PDF. This is the second level of a four-level series that aims to help upper-elementary, teenage to adult learners of Chinese to improve their language skills and cultural knowledge.

discover china student book 2 pdf

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In this article, we will give you an overview of what Discover China Student Book 2 PDF offers, how it is structured, and what are some of the benefits of using it. We will also provide you with some sample pages and links to download the book and its supplementary materials for free.

What is Discover China Student Book 2 PDF?

Discover China Student Book 2 PDF is a digital version of the printed textbook that is part of the Discover China series published by Macmillan Education. The series is designed by a team of experienced teachers and authors who have incorporated the latest research and pedagogy in Chinese language teaching.

The series covers topics that are relevant to modern China and its culture, such as daily routines, weather, transport, home visits, festivals, museums, food, shopping, natural scenery, appearance, health, and personality. The series also introduces students to various aspects of Chinese history, literature, art, and society through authentic texts and multimedia resources.

Discover China Student Book 2 PDF consists of 12 units that each focus on a specific theme and language function. Each unit contains four lessons that follow a clear and consistent structure: introduction, presentation, practice, and extension. Each lesson also includes a variety of activities and tasks that aim to develop students' listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in an integrated way.

How is Discover China Student Book 2 PDF structured?

Each unit of Discover China Student Book 2 PDF starts with a warm-up page that introduces the theme and the learning objectives of the unit. The warm-up page also contains a vocabulary list with pinyin and English translations that students can use as a reference throughout the unit.

The first lesson of each unit presents the key language points and grammar structures through dialogues, texts, or videos that are related to the theme. The dialogues and texts are accompanied by comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, and grammar explanations. The videos are short clips from real-life situations or documentaries that showcase different aspects of Chinese culture and society.

The second lesson of each unit provides more practice on the language points and grammar structures through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. The listening activities include conversations, interviews, or announcements that test students' listening comprehension skills. The speaking activities include role-plays,


or presentations

that encourage students

to use the language

in communicative contexts.

The reading activities

include articles,


or poems

that expose students

to different genres

and styles

of Chinese texts.

The writing activities

include sentences,


or letters

that help students

to express themselves

in written form.The third lesson

of each unit

extends the theme

and the language function

through more challenging

and creative tasks.

The tasks include projects,



or quizzes

that require students

to apply their language skills

in more authentic

and meaningful ways.

The tasks also foster students'

intercultural awareness

and critical thinking skills.The fourth lesson

of each unit

reviews and consolidates

the main language points

and grammar structures

through revision exercises

and tests.

The revision exercises

include multiple-choice questions,


matching exercises,

or translation exercises

that check students'


and accuracy

of the language.

The tests include listening tests,

speaking tests,

reading tests,