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Drums For Dummies Cd Mp3

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Drums For Dummies Cd Mp3

The solo drumming is in the classic mode by Michael Harner using a single-headed, round-frame, hand drum. The double drumming, which some journeyers prefer, is also by Michael Harner, assisted by David Corbin. Both are using single-headed, round-frame drums. The drums are beaten facing each other at a slight angle, about four feet apart, to produce the maximum effect without excessive reverberation. The compact disc offers the opportunity to program 15 and 30 minute solo or double drumming play with callback. State-of-the-art recording, digitally remastered June 2010.

Unified, driving, shamanic journey drumming by the four Bridgewalker Drummers using cottonwood double-headed round-frame drums. The disciplined drumming in unison produces a full range of the auditory spectrum. The compact disc offers the opportunity to program 15 and 30 minute multiple drumming sessions with callback. Digitally remastered June 2010*


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